Nicala-Glass Cooktop model 2 nicala nicala


Cooking is an imperative part of our culture. So, from the first day when we decided to produce Cooktops, we exactly knew what kind of quality we in Nicala are looking for. Our products offer world-class performance with a premium design aesthetic that is crafted with authentic and high-quality materials. We always pay steadfast attention to detail.

Glass Gas Cooktop
Nicala AB7 Blue

Gas Heaters

With the exponential growth of gas pipelines throughout Iran, we have become the major player of the gas heater manufacturer in the Mid-east region, as our heaters are a good reference for their quality. Nicala gas heaters are one of the most efficient products of their kind in the world.


We also offer Fireplace for those who have insufficient heating in their home or are just looking for another heat source to make their house cozier, the Nicala gas fireplace may be the answer. Our fireplaces are relatively easy to install and can be used almost throughout the home.

Curvy Fireplace